European Dynamics is the new si-Cluster member

Athens, 05th October 2017: European Dynamics, a leading Information Technologies service provider and software developer, operating internationally as a group of companies is the new si-Cluster member.

The group designs, develops, supports and operates complex IT systems and commercialises a wide range of software products in the field of e-government and security, using state-of-the-art technologies. EUROPEAN DYNAMICS operates along the following lines:

  • Bespoke development and delivery on IT projects on a turn-key basis
  • IT consulting services - outsourcing
  • Design, marketing and support of software products in the field of e-government and security

Mr. Georgios Boultadakis, Research Executive, commented: "The participation of our company as a member of si-Cluster and the cooperation and interaction with the companies operating in the field of space technology in our country will establish new perspectives for applications and new collaborations for multiple mutual benefit. Our company envisions to take advantage of satellite technology - and data derived from it - in a wide range of applications for important international clients, reinforcing and complementing its activities in an area of high strategic value. We hope, through our participation, to give added value to the works and objectives of the si-Cluster, and that the international presence of our company will become a significant means of promoting and disseminating the activities of the cluster".

More information on European Dynamics available here.

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