si-Cluster at Space Tech Expo Europe in Bremen, the "City of Space"

Athens, 26 October 2017: si-Cluster successfully participated at the top European space technology exhibition, the Space Tech Expo Europe, which took place on October 24-26, in Bremen, the German “City of Space” as it is called due to the large concentration of aerospace activity in the region. The Hellenic business mission was organized by si-Cluster, the Hellenic Gold Labeled Cluster in aerospace technology and applications, with the co-ordination of Corallia Clusters Initiative and the collaboration of Enterprise Greece and HASI.

For the first time, enterprises, universities, research centers and government joined forces under the coordination of si-Cluster and achieved the most important and productive Greek presence in an international space event so far.

At the event participated the following members of si-Cluster: Adamant Composites, Akronic, Althom Engineering, Elfon, EMTech, European Sensor Systems, Heron Engineering, Inasco, Planetek Hellas, Prisma Electronics, Softcom International, Teletel, Terra Spatium and the Digital Systems and Computer Architecture Lab of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Representatives of the Greek space technology and applications industry with the support of the Enterprise Europe Network conducted more than 100 B2B meetings with other stakeholders and explored possibilities of collaboration with major players of the European space industry with very significant commercial results. At the same time, they hosted many visitors of the exhibition at the national pavilion, presenting innovative products and services developed in Greece and highlighting the country's dynamic in the development of cutting-edge technologies.

Space Tech Expo Europe 2017 was visited by over 3,000 top engineers and technology innovators, senior executives, decision-makers and government representatives from the global space industry. Over 22 new technologies and products were presented for the first time to the general public, along with more than 300 exhibitors and 80 speakers from the world's major space stakeholders.

The chairman of the Board of si-Cluster and CSFO of Corallia, Dr.-Ing. Jorge-A. Sanchez-P. said: “The si-Cluster disposes a high level of human capital and a great development potential. Our presence in the largest and most important exhibition of space technology in Europe is a decisive step towards developing our international endeavors. Visitors had the opportunity to explore our capabilities. The si-Cluster internationalization efforts will continue with the assistance of all the Members, the Hellenic Administration and associated stakeholders. With even greater intensity our extroverted actions will be increased, declaring "present" in international events, targeting new opportunities and channels to promote innovative technologies Designed in Greece”.

The Secretary General of Telecommunications and Posts, Mr. Vasilis Maglaras, who accompanied the mission, said: "The space sector is a special competitive advantage with very increasing prospects for Greece. Already during last year, Greece did important steps in creating a viable productive and competitive ecosystem which, with the coordination and assistance of the Hellenic State, develops special capabilities to place Greece at the global space technology map. The establishment of the Greek Space Agency, the national program for microsatellite development and the completion of the agreement with Hellas Sat are some of the significant efforts of the Greek Government to support high technologies with particular development prospects for the country. The national pavilion of si-Cluster in the Space Tech Expo Bremen exhibition certifies the dynamism and willing of Greek businesses and research institutions to become dynamic members of the European space industry. "

The CEO of Enterprise Greece, Mr. Elias Athanasiou, said: "For the second consecutive year, our country participated with absolute success in one of the most important events of space technology, the international exhibition Space Tech Expo Europe. The successful Greek participation was organized by the si-cluster under the coordination of Corallia and in collaboration with the Enterprise Greece and with the support of almost all technology associations, which confirms the successful strategy that we apply for a comprehensive single promotion of our business ecosystem to international markets. Our common goal is to strengthen research, employment and entrepreneurship while maintaining the valuable scientific staff in Greece. For 2018, Enterprise Greece has incorporated two international exhibitions of the space technology industry into its program and supports the extroversion and visibility of space industry companies abroad. "

The CEO of Planetek Hellas Mr. Stelios Bollanos said: "Space Tech Expo is one of the most important international exhibitions for space sector. The participation of si-Cluster members marks more development opportunities ".
Mr. Panayiotis Kalaitzides, Space Project Manager of Prisma Electronics said: "The exhibition was an important opportunity for networking and presenting the company's capabilities to some of the largest organizations of the sector, while creating high expectations for further engagement in new projects."

Dr. Christos Kyriazoglou, Chief Business Development Officer of INASCO, said: "There have been substantial contacts with key players of the European supply chain in the upstream segment and the overall support of si-Cluster, Enterprise Greece and the staff of the General Secretariat for Telecommunications and Post."

Dr. Athanasios Baltopoulos, Commercial Director of Adamant Composites, said: “Our participation at Space Tech Expo Europe is a confirmation of the increasing integration of our products in the European space industry. This exhibition is a milestone for the re-newal of cooperations with other SMEs and LSIs. Τhe coordinated presence of the Greek space industry ensured a lean approach for the creation new cooperations in new projects and the common development of new products.

Dr. Zoi Ekaterinidi, CEO of SoftCom International, said: "Space Tech Expo Europe was a successful event. The response of the European Space Industry players was promising. For our company prospects for partnerships with large and medium-sized companies in the German market have been opened. We thank the si-Cluster for the perfect organization".

Prof. Antonis Paschalis, of the Digital Systems and Computer Architecture Lab of the NKUA, said: “During this extroversion action organized by the si-Cluster, DSCAL had the opportunity to showcase its research on cutting-edge space technology of On-Board Data Systems and further develop its international strategic partnerships. DSCAL warmly thanks the organizers of the Greek mission for the excellent organization and support ".



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