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Τhe European data and research infrastructure community join forces to support the European Open Science Cloud

Athens, 23rd March 2017: The European Open Science Cloud pilot (EOSCpilot) project started its ambitious work on 1st January 2017. The EOSCpilot project gathers a consortium of 33 pan-European organisations & 15 third parties covering a range of disciplines and organisations working together to develop a European-wide governance framework for a pan-European “trusted virtual environment with free, open and seamless services for data storage, management, analysis, sharing and re-use, across disciplines” in the words of Lorenza Saracco, European Commission DG Research and Scientific Officer for the project.

Trust is indeed one of the key elements around which the initiative and the project itself will focus its activities and concentrate its efforts, providing a final integrated and consolidated horizontal framework of e- and research infrastructures. The project was born with the necessity of giving Europe a global lead in the data-driven economy, ensuring the acquisition of big data benefits to a wide variety of stakeholders.

European Commissioner Carlos Moedas for Research, Science and Innovation mentioned: "We must create infrastructure. Europe's final transition must be one from fragmented datasets to an integrated European Open Science Cloud. By 2020, we want all European researchers to be able to deposit, access and analyse European scientific data through a European Open Science Cloud”.

EOSCpilot (2017-2018) supports the first phase in the development of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), as described in the EC Communication on European Cloud Initiatives:

  • establishing the governance framework for the EOSC and contribute to the development of European open science policy and best practice;
  • developing a number of demonstrators functioning as high-profile pilots that integrate services and infrastructures to show interoperability and its benefits in a number of scientific domains; and
  • engaging with a broad range of stakeholders, crossing borders and communities, to build the trust and skills required for adoption of an open approach to scientific research.

In the words of the project coordinator, Juan Bicarregui from Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), “EOSCpilot will deliver a number of building blocks, including technology demonstrators and a first draft of a multi-stakeholder structure which can accommodate a mix of different users.”

The launch of EOSC pilot is born in the wider context of the European Open Science Cloud initiative, in which will convey a high-level group of experts on EOSC and the launch of e-infrastructures topics (and thus investments) in H2020 calls for federation and interoperability of data structures, planned for this year.

The European Open Science Cloud for Research pilot project (EOSCpilot) is funded by the European Commission, DG Research & Innovation under contract no. 739563 and is coordinated by Juan Bicarregui, STFC, UK.
For more information please email – contact@eoscpilot.eu


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