Apply now for the 4th cycle of egg - enter•grow•go

Athens, February 19th 2016: Do you have an innovative idea that you believe can be turned into a successful business? Bring it to egg! We have the means to help you get it off the ground.

The egg - enter•grow•go programme supports young innovative entrepreneurship, by selecting ideas of young people, aged 18-44, and helping them grow these ideas into successful businesses!

For one year, the participating business groups are hosted in fully equipped premises and are given the opportunity to focus intensively on the development of their idea/business, building upon the infrastructure, services, mentoring services, training, financing tools and business networking offered by the Programme.
The programme mostly encourages business plans that help boost the Greek economy's extroversion, are in line with current and emerging business trends, make wide use of innovation and new technologies, and/or have a wide range of everyday-life applications.

More than 60 business groups that became fully-fledged businesses have “graduated” from the 3 previous cycles of the egg Programme. The next one may be yours!

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