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Athens, 14th March 2017: The si-Cluster welcomes a new member, SITAEL Hellas, a subsidiary of SITAEL, the largest privately owned company in Italy, operating in the Space Sector.

SITAEL Hellas has been founded in 2013, carrying out activities especially in the in-space propulsion field, being the focal point of all Greek customers and users of SITAEL technology and promoting the solutions and systems of SITAEL in the Space and Industrial markets. The company is an established Greek player, able to cover all the processes needed for the Design and Test of Electronic Equipment and Sub-systems compliant with high reliability standards.

Mr. Nikolaos Bazakas, General Manager of SITAEL Hellas, commented: "Joining a cluster in the field of space technology, awarded with a Gold Label for Management Excellence, is a great opportunity to be part of a dynamic group of Greek organizations and companies active in the Space domain, creating strategic partnerships and promoting the Greek Space technology to the European and International markets".

Further information on SITAEL Hellas available here.

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