ANTCOR launches LteSystem: New LTE simulation platform brings functionality and robustness

Athens, Greece, November 5, 2010: Following a successful sampling and positive customer response,  ANTCOR, member of the mi-cluster, leader in the development of advanced software solutions for wireless technologies, announces the addition of the LteSystem to its LteSuite product line; a major advancement towards the implementation of its strategy to expand the LteSuite simulation platform for the 3GPP Long Term Evolution protocol. The new simulation engine enhances the physical layer functionality with a lower MAC-layer implementation, suitable for simulating processes such as multi-user scheduling and link-adaptation.

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Nanoradio secured financing of EUR 10 million

Sweden, 02.07.2010: With the scope to strengthen its growth expansion, Nanoradio secured financing of EUR 10 million from existing investors. In particular, Nanoradio signed an agreement with the current investors Viking Venture, Creandum, Ferd, Industrifonden, Nordic Venture Partners, Innovacom, and Teknoinvest to fund Nanoradio for its growth expansion. With this new investment, Nanoradio will be well equipped to support its volume growth together with executing a more ambitious launch plan of a new line of competitive products.

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