Policy Making

Corallia has been working continuously towards raising the level of cluster excellence and management as well as in transferring its operating model both within Greece and Europe via its participation and active involvement in several policy bodies.

EuropeanClusterAlliancethe European Cluster Alliance: The European Cluster Alliance is an open platform that was established to maintain a permanent policy dialogue at EU level among national and regional public authorities responsible for developing cluster policies and managing cluster programmes in their countries.


the European Cluster Observatory (in its Advisory Board): The Cluster Observatory is an online platform that provides a single access point to information and analysis of clusters and cluster policy in Europe. Originally launched in 2007, the Observatory is now offering a range of new services. It provides data and analysis on clusters and competitiveness, a cluster library, and a classroom for cluster education.

inno2the INNO-Net project TACTICS (in its Reflection Group): The TACTICS was an INNO-Net project in the area of cluster policy that contributed with the assistance of a Reflection Group to the development of improved targeted cluster policies and practical tools in Europe.


the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis: : In 2011, Corallia participated, the first and only organisation up to now in Greece, in the cluster management benchmarking exercise of the ECEI, demonstrating the interest in cluster excellence, was awarded the Bronze Label of Cluster Management Excellence with top performance and certified three of its senior staff people as ESCA benchmarking experts.

the European Cluster Memorandum: Corallia participated in the development of the European Cluster Memorandum that was chaired by Senator Pierre Laffitte and established under the Europe INNOVA initiative of the European Commission. It provides 'an agenda for policy action' to promote European Innovation through Clusters Europe's need for stronger clusters and trans-national cluster cooperation. You can read the documents here.

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