Corallia has initiated collaborations and international business relationships on a bilateral basis with a variety of international and regional bodies related to cluster policies, other clusters and cluster initiatives.

Through partnering, Corallia broadens its horizons, expands its exposure and provides opportunities for transfer of know-how. Projects and different types of activities such as study visits, participation in roadshows, forums etc. are also supported.

Aiming to develop strategic cooperation and implement a practical framework for the promotion of world-class clusters as well as exchange information on relevant initiatives, Corallia has signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) and has built collaboration such as:


European Strategic Cluster Partnership – ESCP (2013): Corallia coordinates the European Semiconductor Cluster Consortium (ESCC), a strategic partnership that brings together six European clusters specializing in micro- and nanoelectronics. The ESCC was formed within the framework of a Call issued by DG Enterprise and was addressed to cluster and network organisations from CIP participating countries interested in intensifying cluster and network collaboration across borders and sectoral boundaries leading to "European Strategic Cluster Partnerships". 

innInVio - InnovatIon network for Knowledge-based ExperIence economy (2013): Corallia participates to the initiative of the Danish Innovation Network for Experience Economy (InVio) for building a transnational inter-cluster network for ICT based experience economy in order to strengthen international sharing and dissemination of knowledge.


Sophia-Antipolis Foundation (2007): The signature of a MoU with the Sophia-Antipolis Foundation has resulted in the participation in several networking events in Europe and the setting up of a Working Group for the exchange of ideas and know-how towards further advancement of European clusters. A notable result of this co-operation is the initiative for a greater Mediterranean Cohesion Policy jointly presented by the Sophia-Antipolis Foundation and Corallia.

Hungarian Pole Programme Office (2010)

European-Japan Cluster Collaboration (2008)

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