Games Media Awards: Gamers' Choice vote is open now

Maroussi, 30 September 2014. Want to play a part in the outcome of the GMAs? Now's your chance. Public voting has opened. Gamers' Choice is a chance for a single piece of outstanding games media work - whether that's a written piece, video or podcast - named as one of the top pieces of games media work from the last year. There are 12 excellent pieces up for consideration. The full list is below and you can vote for them here via a simple survey.


Gamers' Choice Longlist
  • The Real Games Journalist interviews Mike Bithell by Gav Murphy for CVG
  • Inside Monopoly's Secret War Against the Third Reich by Christian Donlan for Eurogamer
  • Disabled Gamers: Part of Your World by Jordan Erica Webber for Kotaku UK
  • Hands-on with Fiona Bruce: BBC uploads the UK's favourite news personality to Oculus Rift by Steve Hogarty for PC Games N
  • Dragon Age's first 'fully gay' character by Aoife Wilson for OXM Blog
  • American Roads and Game Design: A Love Letter by Cara Ellison for Kotaku UK
  • The Video Game Invasion of Iraq by Simon Parkin for The New Yorker
  • The Last Of Us: Left Behind is a masterful, affectionate and poignant farewell by Chris Schilling for Edge Online
  • Chico's Tape 4 by Ria Jenkins
  • Day Z: An Anthropological Study by Angus Morrison for RE:Roll
  • Escaping into Skyrim by Anonymous for Midnight Resistance
  • IGN UK Podcast – Episode 243: The Blabber Dook

For more information please read here.

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