Internship positions in France: gi-Cluster Business Development Ambassador & gi-Cluster Research Ambassador

Athens, 1st August 2016: gi-Cluster in cooperation with The Bodossaki Foundation and the Embassy of France in Greece announces the sponsoring of 2 internship positions in France - The gi-Cluster Business Development Ambassador Internship and the gi-Cluster Research Ambassador Internship.

The gi-Cluster Business Development Ambassador will develop the French-Greek relations in the field of digital creative industries. The internship is under the responsibility of both Cap Digital and the gi-Cluster. The candidate shall be identified/ proposed by gi-Cluster management team, and forwarded to the Bodossakis Foundation for further assessment. The candidate when awarded the internship shall then be hosted by Cap Digital cluster, where the internship shall actually take place, in close collaboration with the cluster’s members. More information available here.

Also, within the framework of the Greek – French relations established among gi-Cluster and Cap Digital, CNAM (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers), a Cap Digital member, offers an internship position in CEDRIC and more specifically within the «Interaction pour Lire et Jouer» («Interaction of Reading and Play») team. The selected candidate for the gi-Cluster Research Ambassador Internship will carry out research in one of the following topics:

More information available here.

Applications are welcome by 14 September 2016.