Trebbble created the myWIND mobile app

web Trebbble newAthens, 24 July 2015. Trebbble, a gi-Cluster member, helped WIND, one of the major companies in Greece with more than 4.5 million customers, bring a unique mobile experience in the hands of their (fixed, Internet & mobile) customers.

Trebbble was asked to provide its expertise in mobile and bring together high levels of usability, aesthetics, and engineering with a goal to deliver the best mobile experience for the WIND customers.

Via the myWIND mobile app, WIND customers may be up to date about their remaining airtime, SMS and MBs, get informed about their debit balance and their bills analysis, pay their bills online and get access to the most useful tools and the smartest services. myWIND app is available both for smartphones and tablets.

For details, you may visit Trebbbleʼs website here.