Mobile Functional Beauty: A workshop where UX meets Engineering, delivered by Vaggelis Rekkas & Dimitris Makris!

news-trebbble-digitizedAthens 18 July 2014. Mobile Functional Beauty: A workshop where UX meets Engineering, delivered by Vaggelis Rekkas, Head of UX & Dimitris Makris, Head of Mobile and co-founders of Trebbble at the forthcoming Digitized 2014, on September 27th.

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Crafting brilliant mobile experiences, goes beyond aesthetics and pixel perfect designs; it necessitates strong understanding of interactive elements, usability patterns, gestures and mobile hardware capabilities. All these, when harmonically blended, may lead to highly emotional and delightful experiences, which will target the hearts and minds of mobile users, and will ultimately keep them engaged in a mobile application.

This workshop will guide you in the process of designing an engaging mobile application. It will help you understand all aspects of elegant and functional mobile design, recognize mobile screen limitations as well as huge hardware opportunities, and take advantage of touch interactions. Moreover, it will provide practical information on core design components of a mobile app, creating an optimised information hierarchy, respecting mobile platforms usage patterns, prototyping and evaluating your designs.

At the end of this workshop, you will be armed with practical essentials to understand how to design intuitive, focused, and aesthetically enchanting mobile interfaces.

About Trebbble

Trebbble is a mobile strategy and development firm, specializing in the delivery of brilliant mobile experiences. Trebbble partners with brands and agencies, advising them on how to get the most out of the thriving mobile landscape, and further implementing successful mobile solutions that entice users and drive engagement with brands, products or services. Founded in 2010, Trebbble has successfully implemented a series of mobile solutions for clients that expand across the US and Europe.