Vermantia joins gi-Cluster

web-VermantiaAthens 25 June 2014. As a new member of gi-Cluster, Vermantia's addition to the group re-enforces the existing business value chain. Founded in 2007, Vermantia specializes in innovative technology applications for the creation, aggregation and delivery of content of Sports and Gaming content. These include, social games, virtual games, live sports and racing and online casino and scratch games.

Vermantia's philosophy is based on providing fully customized, high quality services and products to customers wordwide, tailored to the needs and peculiarities of each market. In seven years of operation, the company developed partnerships in the United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, Brazil, Poland and China amongst others.

Mr. Ioannis Aligizakis, Senior Manager / ICT Operations, said: " Since its foundation, Corallia has acted as a" catalyst "in the field of innovation. Vermantia's integration into the gi-Cluster will complement the portfolio of strategic values. As a company we are dedicated to innovation and new product development. We are very pleased with the prospect of cooperating with other members of the ecosystem, and to be given the opportunity to contribute, whilst at the same time positioning Greece internationally as one of the countries that deliver high-end technology and innovation."

About Vermantia

Vermantia (www.vermantia.com) is a global leader in innovative and immersive gaming content. We specialising in the creation, aggregation, management and delivery of virtual games, social games, and sports betting content for gaming operators worldwide. Our extensive portfolio and proprietary gaming and platforms media, as well as our global content partnerships, create custom services to meet the needs of players in each market.
For more Info: Mr. Evangelos Tsaras, Corporate Development Director, P: +30 – 2130065500, F: +30 – 2130065520, e: tsaras@vermantia.com.