Monster Snack: The new game by Total Eclipse!

Maroussi, 15 September 2014. Total Eclipse recently announced the release of its new game, titled «Monster Snack». This is the first time for the team of Total Eclipse to work on a game of this type, which combines elements of puzzle and action games.

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Innoetics wins the "Blizzard Challenge 2014"!

Maroussi 03 September 2014. Innoetics, a gi-Cluster member, successfully completed the annual international contest «Blizzard Challenge 2014» in the first place! The contest, is organized by the Speech Synthesis Special Interest Group (SynSIG) of ISCA and aims at better understanding and comparing research techniques for creating speech synthesis systems based on common data.

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Vermantia joins gi-Cluster

Athens 25 June 2014. As a new member of gi-Cluster, Vermantia's addition to the group re-enforces the existing business value chain. Founded in 2007, Vermantia specializes in innovative technology applications for the creation, aggregation and delivery of content of Sports and Gaming content. These include, social games, virtual games, live sports and racing and online casino and scratch games.

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INTRALOT named best multinational company

Athens 26 May 2014. INTRALOT has been awarded with the prestigious distinction "Best Multinational Company" during the "Diamonds of the Hellenic Economy 2014" awards' ceremony organized by STATBANK that took place on May 22nd, in Athens, in the presence of members of the business community and the political world.

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Innoetics is the newest gi-Cluster member

Athens 23 May 2014. Innoetics was founded in 2006 as a knowledge-intensive company and is a spin-off of the Institute of Language & Speech Processing (ILSP) of 'Athena' Research Centre. The company specialises in language and signal processing, communications, robotics and knowledge technologies, as well as in designing and implementing innovative solutions.

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gi-Cluster welcomes Tamasenco

Athens 23 May 2014. A group of young people from diverse backgrounds, sharing a passion for games and game development created Tamasenco, a newly established company that recently joined the gi-Cluster ecosystem, as a industrial member.

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