Corallia among the four most effective smart specialisation applications in Europe

Corallia GrowYourRegionBrussels 27-28 April 2015. An important distinction was bestowed upon Corallia for being among the four most effective smart specialisation applications in Europe through the three clusters it coordinates - gi, mi και si clusters.

The four most successful organizations in Europe, including Corallia, which distinguished among 47 nominations, were invited to present their achievements in the two-day conference titled "GROW your REGIOn: Delivering Smart Specialisation and Economic Transformation" which was held in Brussels April 27 and 28 jointly organised by the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SME and the Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy of the European Commission.

This is considered an important reward recognising the efforts of the innovative technology ecosystem of the country, which stood out for its developmental footprint thus making another step for the country's international recognition of its ability to promote innovative entrepreneurship and regional development.

Among the other three winners were Minalogic, a French digital cluster for micro- and nanoelectronics and software, which brings together the Rhône-Alpes region's leading innovators in the field of smart miniaturized systems. The Bavarian State Government's cluster initiative, Chemie-Cluster Bayern which promotes product and process innovations for new, international markets as well as co-ordinating fundraising and providing project-related transfer services and finally, representing the clusters of the Region of Veneto, Veneto Marketing, which examines the successes of the process chain which highlight the fruit of successful multidisciplinary project management of small businesses.

At the top of the European Commission's agenda for the economic development of Europe was smart specialization strategy through clusters. This was also a key subject of the conference which was attended by over 450 participants from all over Europe. With the success stories of Corallia as well as the other awarded organizations from France, Germany and Italy as a reference point, speeches were held by senior officials from the European Commission (DG Growth, DG Regio) which referred to the actions that could be undertaken and the types partnerships required for an effective smart specialisation policy and for the formulation of a new model for the European economy.

The Corallia was represented by Co-founder and General Director, Prof. Vassilios Makios, who emphasised Corallia's commitment to excellence and its actions taken to upgrade Greece's value chains.

Mr. Carsten Schierenbeck, Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, European Commission noted: "Corallia is a good and often quoted example of what can be achieved if the strategic foresight and vision, efficient leadership on the ground and a strong portion of entrepreneurial dynamism come together. In this respect it was an inspiring story for our participants to demonstrate the qualities you need for capitalising on clusters and driving smart specialisation processes forward".

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