The gi-Cluster (Gaming and Creative Technologies & Applications Cluster) was established with the mission to become a fully functional innovation and business ecosystem with substantial international market share, which will be able to support viable industry growth and competitiveness, while gradually evolving into a world-class cluster and contribute towards elevating Greece in the global competitiveness chart.

Today, all of its participating members aspire to become, not only a collection of similar -either complementing or competing- businesses (like e.g. an industrial district or association) but an amalgam of commercial activity and business infrastructure that can develop superior value for all, by exploiting the focused benefits and structured guidance offered within the ecosystem. In that respect, the participants in the gi-Cluster seek to form ties and linkages beyond those of a traditional business network, i.e. not just co-operating on joint development projects, complementing each other, overcoming common problems and achieving collective efficiency, but exploiting the full potential of clustering as a powerful framework for meeting the set strategic targets towards achieving regional economic development.

For more information, you can download the gi-Cluster brochure and visit the gi-Cluster website: www.gi-Cluster.gr.

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