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Space Training Course for Young Scientists and Professionals on Earth Observation

Date: Monday, 07 December 2015 - Friday, 11 December 2015

Venue: Harokopio University (07 December 2015 | 14:00-18:00) | α2-innohub (08-11 December 2015 | 15:00-19:00)


In light of the international Space Week and to celebrate Greece’s 10th anniversary of becoming a full ESA member, the si-Cluster (coordinated by Corallia and the Hellenic Association of Space Industry) and the Harokopio University, with the support of the European Space Agency and Terra Spatium, are organising a Space training course for young scientists and professionals on Earth Observation data and their applications. More specifically, on Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Remote Sensing Data and Imagery (Sentinel-1), High-Resolution Multispectral Remote Sensing Data and Imagery (Sentinel-2) and the ESA Sentinel Toolboxes. The data used in the course is offered by ESA and Third Party Missions.


The Training Course aims at:

  • Training the next generation of European Principal Investigators (PIs);
  • Explaining theoretical principles, processing algorithms, data products and their use in applications;
  • Introducing tools and methods for the exploitation of EO satellite data, in particular Sentinels data;
  • Stimulating and supporting the exploitation of ESA EO and Third Party Mission data for SAR and optical remote sensing science and applications.

The training course will include formal lectures as well as hands-on computing exercises using SAR and Optical data.


The course is addressed to post graduate students, young researchers and young professionals. To participate, candidates should follow the instructions below and submit their application up to 15 November 2015

Kindly note:

  • Registration: The course is dedicated to MSc students, PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, young researchers and young professionals who use EO technology within their daily work and would like to improve their knowledge on Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 and ESA Toolbox. Candidates from all countries are welcomed to apply and participate.

  • Μinimum requirements: Candidates should have: a)  proven familiarity or background in Earth Observation and b) effective operational proficiency in English. Specifically:
    • Degree in relevant academic fields or MSc or PhD or Postdoc relevant to Earth Observation or research field or profession relevant to Earth Observation.
    • At least C1 English level.

  • Application: The application should be submitted via e-mail to apply@si-Cluster.gr before the deadline [15 November 2015 at 24h] with subject "Space training course/ Participant Name" and should include:
    • A 250 words motivation letter explaining the applicants' interest to attend the course or a reference letter on official headed University / Company paper.
    • Europass CV proving compliance to minimum requirements.
    • A copy of related academic degrees / certifications.
    • A copy of English certification.

          Organisers will confirm the reception of applications submitted before the deadline.

  • Selection: The first 30 applications received [e-mail time stamp] that comply with the minimum requirements will be selected to participate to the full course. All applicants will be able to follow the first day event on 7 December 2015.

  • Language: The official language of the training course is English.
  • Fees: No participation fees will be charged for the training but participants are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses (financial support is not available).


The course will provide advanced scientific knowledge and practical sessions on Earth Observation according to the following programme.



Welcome speeches from Organisers and Sponsors

Presentations of the Copernicus program, the si-cluster,
the  ESA mirror site in Greece

Harokopio University Greetings

Copernicus (Chris Stewart)

Mirror Site (NOA)



Theory on SAR remote sensing/InSAR, Sentinel-1 α2-innohub Chris Stewart (ESA)



Practical session on SAR remote sensing/InSAR
(deformation monitoring: earthquakes, volcanoes,
mass movements | SAR, Sentinel-1)
α2-innohub Chris Stewart (ESA)



Theory on Optical remote sensing, Sentinel-2 α2-innohub

Steffen Kuntz

(Airbus Defence & Space)




Practical session on Optical
remote sensing (land cover/land use)

Optical, Sentinel-2

α2-innohub Steffen Kuntz

(Airbus Defence & Space)


The training course will include formal lectures by leading scientists as well as hands-on computing exercises exploiting real and simulated data for science and application. The team of lecturers is composed of Principal Investigators and Scientists:

  • Chris Stewart, European Space Agency
  • Steffen Kuntz, Airbus Defence & Space

Organising Committee

  • Fabiano Constantini – ESA
  • Michael Foumelis – ESA
  • Panagiota Megagianni – Corallia, si-Cluster
  • Antonios Mouratidis – ESA
  • Konstantina Neofotistou – Corallia, si-Cluster
  • Maria Pahoula – Terra Spatium, si-Cluster member
  • Prof. Isaak Parcharidis – HUA
  • Dr. Jorge-A. Sanchez-P – Corallia, si-Cluster
  • Francesco Sarti – ESA


  • European Space Agency (ESA)


  • Application deadline: 15 November 2015
  • Notification deadline: up to 27 November 2015

Venue and Logistics

  • Venue: The first day event [7 December 2015] will be held at Harokopio University. The course [8-11 December 2015] will be held at Corallia / si-Cluster premises, α2-innohub, Kifissias Ave. 44, Monumental Plaza-Building C, 5th Floor, GR-15125 Maroussi, Athens, Greece 

  • Accommodation Logistics: For more information on the access to α2-innohub and hotel partners please download the welcome brochure Coral Hospitality [link]

Contact Points

 Orfeas Voutiras | E: apply@si-Cluster.gr



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