During the last decade, activities related to cluster development have experienced a strong growth in Europe and many clusters have been nurtured in a multitude of sectors; yet the challenge today has switched towards the enhancement of their competitiveness and sustainability. To remain competitive, access and deployment of advancements from international sources is necessary.

Corallia Clusters Initiative demonstrates a strong engagement in European cluster policy bodies and has established strong global strategic collaborations with all innovation stakeholders, regional and national development offices around the world aiming at accelerating the international exchange of ideas, expertise and best practices in the fields of clusters, innovation centres, competitiveness, entrepreneurship, regional development policies and smart specialization strategies.

Aiming at achieving transnational and interregional cooperation Corallia participates in several EU funded projects with the ultimate goal to ensure a strong impact on cluster development in the participating countries (and beyond).

Furthermore, it has a strong regional presence in South East Europe firmly believing that enlarging the cooperation within the region will further leverage regional clusters' expansion efforts and will build synergies that eventually will maximize the regional innovation potential.

Within the abovementioned context and based on its experience, Corallia both contributes as well as makes best use of the knowledge and experience available and builds upon towards sustainable structures for excellent cluster policies on regional, national and European level.

As a catalyst of future growth and prosperity, Corallia is always open to invitations for new strategic opportunities.

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