As key-reference points on the innovation map, InnoHubs are located in strategic positions in Athens and other regions in Greece and:

  • Offer their services within the context of industry-driven clusters, promoting hyper-concentration of industrial members of clusters in thematic areas and accelerating the bonds of cluster members
  • Accommodate firms and organisations, which enjoy the benefits of geographical concentration and co-location and achieve economies of scale in their daily operations
  • Combine networking solutions in one area, thereafter strengthening cooperation and developing synergies between people, young entrepreneurs, mature businesses and organisations
  • Function as a pillar supporting innovation designed in Greece, supporting international market exposure
  • Feature a portfolio of integrated services

InnoHubs welcome you offering services (InnoServices), which provide:

  • Integrated solutions and fully equipped facilities with prestigious business address (InnoOffice)
  • Opportunities to organise and host events for conferences, meetings and training programmes based on your needs (InnoMeeting)

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