mi-Cluster Industrial Member

XVUE is a privately owned company established in early 2004. The company's main aim is to develop and provide innovative solutions in the fields of advanced graphics for digital video systems as well as in medical imaging for related healthcare projects, using the significant ex-perience of its RD team in image processing, image reconstruction, signal processing, real-time video processing and 3D rendering.

Xvue offers iOrasis Studio that builds on Matrox DSX Hardware and can be used for on-air video broadcasting of multiple live inputs, video playlists, numerous 2D and 3D effects and graphics. The company also offers multi-channel video cap-ture and review systems, which are mainly used in broadcast, medical and deep-ocean engi-neering sectors. XVUE is involved in commercial and research medical projects that focus on bio-imaging.

The company has designed the digital hardware architecture for a research Mag-netic Resonance Imaging system, has provided a software application for the control of a Ga-ma-Camera and has developed the control and image reconstruction prototype application software for quantitative Fluorescence tomography.


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