mi-Cluster Academic Member

The Audio and Acoustic Technology Group is part of the Wire Communications Laboratory, of the Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept., University of Patras. The group was established in 1989 and it is headed by professor John Mourjopoulos. The group has developed substantial expertise in the fields of digital audio processing and technology, electroacoustics and architectural acoustics.

It has developed and implemented novel technologies and methods such as prototypes for all-digital loud-speaker array and the silicon-wafer thermoacoustic speaker. Some of these devices and systems have evolved into novel products in cooperation with local and international companies, such as the Digital acoustic compensation system by Roister Speakers (1996) and the computer-based radio station au-tomation system (1991) for Sky R/S, Athens and OEM for Digigram France. The members of the group have also presented significant scientific results including more than 100 publications in international journals and conferences.


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