mi-Cluster Industrial Member

Unibrain provides both FireWire hardware and software products, and the last few years has expanded to developments in storage and multimedia technologies. It plays pivotal role in de-velopment of FireWire solutions.

In 2000, it established a daughter company Unibrain Inc. in San Ramon, California and it was the first Greek company with presence in Silicon Valley. Unibrain is listed in the AthensStock Exchange since April 30th, 2001. Unibrain was awarded the winner of "The Best of RetailVisionAwards"™ for Hardware products at the 2004 RetailVision Europe. 80% of the annual turnover derives from sales in foreign countries.

Unibrain uses the OEM sales strategy to promote and sell its products, while the production is assigned to big Asian manufacturing companies, such as MacPower and Xingtel. The customer list includes firms with robust brand names, such as TI, Rockwell Collins, Packard Bell, Logitech, Iomega, Gtech, Philips, Xerox, Siemens.


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