mi-Cluster Industrial Member

OXYGEN BROADBAND S.A. is a leading Broadband Product & Solution Provider for the con-verging technologies of telecommunications, security solutions and IT for Greece, Balkans and Central Eastern Europe. Committed to address the needs for multi-service Next Generation Networks (NGN), its activities include the design and development of Broadband Access termi-nals and Solutions, the organization of production, the marketing, sales and support of customers.

The Oxygen product portfolio comprises innovative, high-quality broadband access gateways covering the needs of end-users ranging from residential to SOHO/SMEs, smoothly integrated with a complete management solution. The rich, Linux-based software feature-set, including full IPv6 support, combined with the flexible, albeit powerful, hardware configuration options is enabled by the core strengths of the company: its highly skilled professional experts and the strategic alliances with leading technology partners around the world.

This results into the full control of all products, both in terms of Software and Hardware. This way, operators are supported seamlessly and in short response times for the adaptation of the device functionality or the development of new features, making Oxygen Broadband gateways a future-proof, turn-key solution capable of supporting converged services in both current and future broadband networks.


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