mi-Cluster Academic Member

he Microprocessors and Digital Systems Laboratory (MicroLAB) of the School of Electrical and Com-puter Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is operating since 1985, spe-cializing in the design and implementation of digital systems. MicroLAB undertakes teaching activities (covers 6 NTUA courses – 500 students per year), supervises diploma theses and supports research ac-tivities for the development of PhD theses. MicroLAB is comprised of 3 faculty members, 4 postdoctoral researches, 7 graduate students, 15 undergraduate students and 1 secretary.

MicroLAB members are experienced in the design and programming of embedded systems and the design of digital VLSI systems (ASICs and FPGAs) with a rich variety of tools and methodologies. Members of MicroLAB have participated in more than 45 European and National competitive research programs and have received 5 innovation awards for the industry (INTEL and IBM) and other national and international organizations


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