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Micrel Medical Devices S.A. is a manufacturer of infusion pumps and consumables, selling worldwide under its well recognized Brand Name and technology and European and US pa-tents.

Its major markets are in Western Europe, while 93% of its products are exported to all continents. In 2005 the company won the biggest 3 year tender in Europe of Pain Control An-algesia (PCA) infusion pumps, for 48 Hospitals in the greater Paris area. Furthermore, in the UK, the company successfully replaced Parenteral Nutrition pumps (used by patients fed intrave-nously) of a big American manufacturer, who recalled its products from the market.

It is worth mentioning that the patient associations in a comparative study with all available pumps worldwide, concluded that Micrel pumps and consumables as best for their treatment. Micrel holds the second, in chronological order patent in the world, for the new style telemedicine, using a mobile GSM/GPRS phone and Personal Area Sensor Network. Rythmic Connect infusion pump which is continuously on-line with MicrelCare Server is the first product of this technology, a feature that worked as a catalyst for the wining the Parisian Hospitals' tender.

The company was the first with technological equipment that represented Greece in the EU Design Prize 1994, with an industrial design of Andreas Varotsos.


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