mi-Cluster Industrial Member

EMTech-SPACE P.C. (EMTECH) is a versatile technology SME operating in Greece from 2008 focused in two major domains: aerospace and energy. For the energy domain, EMTECH has designed and developed from scratch, an integrated solution for power transmission and distribution grids, namely the iReact (www.ireact.gr).

iReact consists of automation controllers, sensors and intelligent software for real-time monitoring and control, simulation and prediction using space-grade infrastructure. Our solution has been adopted from the Greek Power Transmission System Operator (ADMIE S.A.) and is currently installed in more than 120 substations all over Greece delivering power loss reduction, released capacity, voltage stability and prompt maintenance alerting.

iReact has also been supported by E.U. funded CleanTech projects like INCENSe (www.incense-accelerator.com) - backed by significant partners like Enel, Endesa, Accelerace and Funding Box for business acceleration through high quality training targeting a high investment readiness level.

In EMTECH we believe in hard work transforming innovation to customer oriented solutions, by collaborating with other global industry members and academia.


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