mi-Cluster Industrial Member

AVS S.A. is a greek company that specializes in development of technological products that concerns diagnosis, telematics and emission testing for transportation, industry and vehicle fleet management.

Its activities begin in 2000 researching and developing diagnostic/telematic devices, initially for the needs of repair workshops. Later, its activities expand to providing di-agnostic/telematic solutions and emission testing devices for the needs of the industry.

The continuous research and development of innovative products since 2001 to nowadays and the participations in international exhibitions (ΟΕΜ and Automotive Aftermarket) on the other hand, made ΑVS products wide-known, and as a result, its products displayed on the Innovation Gallery of Madrid AUTOMECHANIKA 2011 Exhibition show.

ΑVS is a company that is char-acterized by its rapid growing rates, and mainly, by the commitment in offering quality prod-ucts and technical support to its customers.


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