mi-Cluster Industrial Member

mco Advanced Technologies was established in 2003 by a team of experienced and highly knowl-edgeable members with the aim of high technology solutions deployment and integration, and the im-plementation of IT and telecommunications projects in general. Since then Amco has gradually become the leading provider of Fare Collection and Passenger Information systems as well as LED information systems in the market.

The company has successfully implemented hundreds of projects for private and public sector enterprises as it has the expertise and the technology to design and develop a whole system from scratch, and provide total support for its products. This way, Amco can deliver reliable and high-quality solutions to its customers.

Amco’s key aspect of success is its exclusively in-house product design and manufacture, which are tailored to the customer needs, as well as the high-standard after-sales support. Enterprises opting for Amco’s advanced solutions are bound to enjoy trouble-free performance and company growth.


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