The mi-Cluster is managed and executed by the following instruments: the Cluster General Assembly, the Executive Board, the Cluster Facilitator and the Cluster Manager.

The aim of the mi-Cluster Management team is to achieve smooth as well as successful implementation of the Business Plan of the cluster, offering tangible benefits and equal opportunities for development to both existing and new members.

In this context, the General Assembly comprising of all mi-Cluster members, is the supreme governing and decision-making body of the cluster, also assuming the responsibility for the strategic development through the design and implementation of the mi-Cluster Business Plan.

For the successful execution of the Business Plan and the provision of respective strategic guidance for the benefit of all members, the Executive Board undertakes all the necessary actions and consists of 3 members from the cluster facilitator (Corallia) and five industry members through an equal number of representatives and one member representing the academic community.

Furthermore, the Executive Board has delegated the general management, promotion and coordination to the mi-Cluster Manager for effective planning, monitoring and enforcement of overall cluster activity.

In addition to the above instruments, the Executive Board is supported by various Workgroups that have been assigned specific tasks, supervision and monitoring responsibilities in thematic areas of interest with the scope to provide advice and support services to achieve optimal growth of the mi-Cluster.

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