The Department of Cultural Technology and Communication (DCTC) is part of the University of the Aegean Social Sciences Faculty and is located in Mytilini. Over the last few decades, Cultural Informatics, an innovative and dynamic field of research, has developed on a global scale. This field explores the multiple ways whereby making active use of New Technologies may support the study and promotion of culture, as well as the establishment of new cultural trends. Since 2000, the DCTC investigates, enriches and enhances the emerging knowledge base of Cultural Informatics in Greece. The Department’s research focuses on the techniques and methods by which digital technology might represent, redefine and promote culture. In addition, the DCTC aims to train scientific personnel and practitioners who will creatively combine digital cultural content production with information technologies and multimedia.

Intelligent Interaction is a research group within and beyond the scope of the Department of Cultural Technology, University of the Aegean coordinated by George Caridakis. II's research interests reside in the intersection of Human Computer Interaction, Intelligent Systems and Cultural Heritage Management and include domains discussed in the respective section . While indicative, II's activities are not confined to the latter research areas and is constantly seeking interesting ideas via an open and continuous research dialogue across disciplines.


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