With the slogan "inspiring innovation. driving excellence" Corallia was established in Greece in 2005 with the vision of building "a Greek environment with the right framework conditions to allow sciences, innovation and entrepreneurship to flourish (again)". Corallia undertook the mission “to underpin and accelerate the development of cohesive and productive innovation ecosystems, within which actors operate in a coordinated manner, in specific sectors and regions of the country, and where a competitive advantage and export orientation exists” and ultimately “to become a pan-European best practice cluster initiative/ organisation supporting Greek world-class innovation clusters”.

Today, Corallia has developed and manages a total of three innovation clusters in targeted technology areas and contributes, via targeted actions and initiatives to continuously improve the environment for the prevalence of the productive and growth-oriented potential of the country. At a European level, Corallia is established as an equal speaker on policy matters related to the strengthening and promotion of a strong European economy through the exploitation of all scientific and entrepreneurial talent found in Europe in specific sectors and regions, while it has designed and implements in Greece youth entrepreneurship support programs and manages common office spaces, known as innohubs.

For detailed information about Corallia please visit the official website www.corallia.org.

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