Corallia Social Responsibility (CSRpertains to an array of human-centered initiatives undertaken in the sectors of healthcare, environment and energy, incorporating an organisational citizenship behavior for all potential stakeholders.

 CSR Healthcare

 CSR Healthcarecorallia-social-responsibility-3 is implemented in cooperation with the General Hospital Sotiria and the General University Hospital of Patras for the management, maintenance and use of the Coral Blood Bank. The days for blood donation are organised twice a year and take place at the network of InnoHubs, developed and managed by Corallia. 

Thanks to the social responsibility exhibited by many colleagues, Coral Blood Bank has been supported since 2007, enabling all members to contribute to this initiative and benefit from a vital social service.

 CSR Nature

corallia-social-responsibility-1The α1-innohub and the π1-innohub are fully equipped with the special blue bins and containers used for the collection of recyclable materials, electrical appliances and other materials such as batteries, lamps etc. Corallia has also taken part in third party Recycling Programmes.

 CSR Energy

corallia-social-responsibility-4Corallia has already developed and communicates a series of energy-saving messages with particular emphasis on the sustainable operation of InnoHubs. 




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