«The School of Athens», Raphael
(one of the most famous frescos worldwide - Apostolic Palace in the Vatican)

Vision | Α Greek environment with the right framework conditions to allow sciences, innovation and entrepreneurship to flourish (again).

Μission | Τo underpin and accelerate the development of cohesive and productive innovation ecosystems, within which actors operate in a coordinated manner, in specific sectors and regions of the country, and where a competitive advantage and export orientation exists.

Target | To become a pan-European best practice cluster initiative/ organisation supporting Greek world-class innovation clusters.

Corallia identity


The name Corallia incorporates the fundamental values οf the organisation which encapsulate all the traits of an integrated  "ecosystem" like a coral reef. Corallia identity comprises of the following elements and semantics:

Coral, Core, Rally, Co-Rally, All, Allia and Alliance

Ecosystem and cooperativeness
complementary organisms which co-evolve in harmony

Development and dynamism
a living structure which evolves, emerges and develops dynamically

Subtle force and co-opetition
resistance against the storm, protecting life

Positivism and Innovation
symbolized by the coral color

Networking and Polycentricism
stating solidarity and the closely networking character of clusters


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