To date, Corallia has been awarded as best practice and has received honorary distinctions.

Certificates of Quality and Excellence

Corallia became a full member of the EBN

ebn Corallia becoame part of the internationally acknowledged network EBN, got the EU|BIC certificate and is successfully benchmarked against quality-certified business support organisations, which dedicate their efforts and resources to help entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, turn those ideas into viable, successful and sustainable businesses. For more information, please read the Press Release.

Bronze label award for gi-cluster, mi-Cluster and si-Cluster management

cl label gold

Corallia was awarded the Gold Label of Cluster Management Excellence with top performance for the gi-Cluster and the si-Cluster and the Silver Label for the mi-Cluster.

Corallia is certified for its management system as per ISO 9001:2008

corallia-iso-enCorallia gets the certificate, in accordance with TUV NORD CERT procedures, for its management system as per ISO 9001:2008 for the management programmes, measures and actions as final beneficiary of Operational Programmes, the design and maturing of programmes and projects, the schedule – implementation – monitoring – control and validation of project deliverables and the management of State Aid Programmes.



egg receives certification

egg - enter•grow•go, the corporate social responsibility initiative by Eurobank, designed and implemented in cooperation with Corallia, received the certification  EFQM Recognised for Excellence 3 star



egg receives two prizes
logo egg comboegg - enter•grow•go, the corporate social responsibility initiative by Eurobank, designed and implemented in cooperation with Corallia, received the prize of "Best European Practice Supporting Youth Self-Employment" by the European network for inclusion and local social action (E.L.I.S.A.N.).
The "egg - enter•grow•go" programme also was awarded with the «Best Initiative» award at the Startupper Awards 2016.


"Honorary Export Distinction" at the Greek Export Awards

greekexports Corallia was awarded with the "Honorary Export Distinction“ award at the Greek Export Awards 2015 for its contribution to the extroversion and internationalisation of Greek companies.

"Creative Innovation" award at the "17th Info-Com World 2015 Congress"
info com awardsThe "Creative Innovation" award received Corallia at the "17th Info-Com World 2015 Congress", the most important event on digital technologies in SE Europe. The award rewards Corallia's excellence, durability, efficiency and diversification of its activities. The Infocom Awards reward and highlight the leading companies as well as their innovative services and products. Moreover, the Infocom Awards reward the efforts and the results of all those actors who have contributed to the growth of the market and the development of technology.

Corallia among the four most effective smart specialisation applications in Europe

growyouregionAn important distinction was bestowed upon Corallia for being among the four most effective smart specialisation applications in Europe through the three clusters it coordinates - gi, mi και si clusters. The four most successful organizations in Europe, including Corallia, which distinguished among 47 nominations, were invited to present their achievements in the two-day conference titled GROW your REGIOn: Delivering Smart Specialisation and Economic Transformation through Clusters. "Corallia is a good and often quoted example of what can be achieved if the strategic foresight and vision, efficient leadership on the ground and a strong portion of entrepreneurial dynamism come together. In this respect it was an inspiring story for our participants to demonstrate the qualities you need for capitalising on clusters and driving smart specialisation processes forward", Carsten Schierenbeck, Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, European Commission


The potential of si-Cluster in the European Space Technology Master Plan

corallia-si-Cluster-distinctionThe si-Cluster was mentioned in the 11th edition of the European Space Technology Master Plan (ESTMP), a report which provides an overview of main conclusions and recommendations stemming from discussions on technology issues with key stakeholders such as the European Commission and the new EU Member-States. Additionally, ESTMP supports decision makers and stakeholders in the implementation of the European Technology medium and long strategy. "Also in 2013, the Hellenic Space Technologies and Applications cluster (si-Cluster) was established comprised of innovative companies, research labs and users having experience in EU and ESA programmes and strong potential for competitive positioning on a regional and global level".

Read more about the ESTMP here.

Corallia in the EBN Creative Technical Note

corallia-award-ebnCorallia was included in the EBN Creative Technical Note (November) with a dedicated interview on the way EU|BICs combine necessary know-how in the field of cultural and creative industries (CCI) with service offers within an incubator structure designed for other industries as well. As mentioned in the report, Corallia, a certified EU|BIC and cluster organisation encourages and nurtures clustering effect among smaller and bigger firms in order to accelerate SMEs growthw, also providing a common and joint framework not only for young CCI companies but also for businesses from other sectors in order to stimulate as much cross-fertilisation and collaboration as possible. For more information, click here.

Special mention of Corallia in the input paper by ESCA
escaCorallia was mentioned in the input paper for the workshop "Moving forward the EU policy agenda on cluster excellence", by ESCA (European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis), as a very successful model, which is an "another good example for combining services following a strategy that aims at the promotion of cross-sectoral fertilization". For more information, click here.

One of the most successful achievements of the EU Cohesion Policy

 EUenAs one of the most successful achievements of the EU cohesion policy, Corallia is specifically mentioned in the recent report of the European Commission for European Cohesion Policy in Greece.

Corallia is particularly cited as a major initiative, contibuting to the support of competitiveness, entrepreneurship and innovation in knowledge-intensive and export-oriented sectors, where Greece has the ability to build a sustainable innovation ecosystem. Special mention is also made on the technological clusters, gi-Cluster, mi-Cluster, si-Cluster, coordinated by Corallia and the promotion of Corallia's vision ​«Innovation Designed in Greece».

Read more about the European Cohesion Policy and access all Cohesion Policy factsheets here.

Tech Initiative of the Year (si-Cluster)

si-cluster-excellenceThe si-Cluster (a corallia initiative) was awarded as the most innovative initiative of 2013 at the "Tech Excellence Awards 2013", organized by PCMagazine, for the sixth consecutive year. The si-Cluster was featured as one of the most vivid proof that innovative ideas can flourish even in the "hostile" economic environment. For more information, click here.
Special mention of significant value in EC Press Release
european-commission-logoCorallia was mentioned among the organisations that have largely contributed to the technological development of the country in the press release issued by the European Commission on 10.01.2014.
"CORALLIA – making innovation possible in your town: Start-ups in Greece can nowadays increasingly benefit for the rise of co-working facilities, which provide them with basic infrastructure where they can start off, but, most importantly, offer them direct access to other like-minded professionals, with whom they can exchange ideas on a daily basis. Corallia, the Hellenic Technology Clusters Initiative, is the first such platform to have been established in Greece with a view to helping innovation clusters start and grow".
It should be noted that the list of successful practices also included cluster members of mi-Cluster (Helic) and si-Cluster (Constelex), as well as the acceleration program of Young Entrepreneurship egg enter•grow•go, implemented in cooperation with Eurobank. For more information, please read the Press Release.


Successful results presented for the programme "Phase-2 Microelectronics"

Corallia implemented one of the most important interventions for the development of clusters in Greece, the "Phase-2 Microelectronics" programme which yielded remarkable results against the targets primarily set.
cl label bronzeesca blauCorallia was awarded the Bronze Label of Cluster Management Excellence with top performance for the gi-Cluster and the si-Cluster.


National representation at the European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2012



Corallia was selected to represent Greece in the category "Promoting Entrepreneurship", stressing in this way the active support provided in the field of research and innovation.


 Certification by ESCA benchmarking experts

Logo-SEENECOCorallia was certificated for the systematic monitoring and evaluation of clusters (cluster benchmarking), during a specialized training program, conducted by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis in Bucharest, following the project SEENECO in the frame of the Programme for Competitiveness and Innovation (CIP).


An integral project of the European Cohesion Policy

Rio-Antirio Bridge (Charilaos Trikoupis), the integrated waste management system in Western Macedonia and the development activities of clusters carried out by Corallia, were among the major projects undertaken in Greece, in the implementation of the Cohesion Policy for 2007 -2013, and were presented in the newsletter (Fact Sheet) "European Cohesion Policy in Greece" delivered by the Directorate-General for Regional Policy of the European Commission.

cl label bronzeesca blauCorallia was awarded the Bronze Label of Cluster Management Excellence with top performance for the mi-Cluster.


Best practice in the special edition of the General Directorate of EU regions


In light of the annual event Open Days 2010, the report of the special edition of the General Directorate of EU regions, referred to Corallia with an important distinction: Under the title "Corallia Technology Hub", Corallia was presented as an example-project, which aims at encouraging and promoting innovation, thus, providing important economic, development, and business benefits for the country. Furthermore, it was pinpointed that the contribution of Corallia achieved the objectives set for "Europe 2020".

Roadshows as a good practice in European Cluster Alliance report



The European Cluster Alliance report titled «Identifying the main objectives and Activities of Cluster Programmes», mentions Corallia's initiative for the implementation of Roadshows in foreign target-countries as a good practice.


Best practice in an EU's edition "Investing in our Region"


A number of 150 examples of co-funded projects across Europe were depicted in the latest edition of the General Directorate of the EU Regions entitled: "INVESTING IN OUR REGIONS: 150 Examples of Projects co-funded by the European Regional Policy", in which Corallia's project included as an example in the category of "Innovation" . Corallia was also included in the category "Innovation".

Best practice on "Greek Map of Innovation 2010"


"Greek Map of Innovation 2010" mentioned Corallia as a best practice in the use of funds within the frame of the O.P. Competitiveness, appraising its efforts to bridge industry and academia in the area of microelectronics in Greece for the production and promotion of state-of-art-, innovative and highly competitive products, able to compete in the global market.


Best practice for the innovation cluster development in Greece at OECD



OECD refers to Corallia as a best practice for the development of innovation clusters in Greece, among other equally important initiatives from other member-countries. For more information, click here.




Short-listed at RegioStars 2009 awards

Within DG REGIO's RegioStars 2009 Awards, Corallia has been short-listed in the final classification (finalists) in the category "Research, Technological Development and Innovation". 


In her speech, Danuta HÜBNER, former EU Commissioner for Regional Policy  commented on Corallia in her speech entitled "Towards third generation of regional innovation policy"  highlighting that: "Corallia, in the Attiki region, was rewarded as one of the finalists in the category 'Research, Technological Development and Innovation'. In the award ceremony that I presided, Job Cohen, the Mayor of Amsterdam and Chair of the RegioStars 2009 Jury said that the jurors had a much harder time than expected to select and pick up finalists and winners due to the quantity and quality of the candidates. Started in May 2006, Corallia the Hellenic Technology Clusters Initiative is a thriving microelectronics cluster, which is showing impressive early results. Over the last 2 years, participating companies have increased their revenues (60%) and exports (110%), while jobs almost doubled (93%) and the number of patents filed is 138% higher." For more information, you can view the conference proceedings).


Ranked among 40 European best practices for 2008



Corallia was hailed as a "Best Practice" by DG Enterprise & Industry, within the framework of the European Charter for Small Enterprises 2008 - Best Practice Selection among 151 cases from all over Europe in 2008, in the category "Strengthening the technological capacity of small enterprises".


A national best practice within the framework of the O.P. Competitiveness


Corallia has been distinguished as a national best practice, within the framework of the O.P. Competitiveness, for designing and implementing "Career Days" events in Greece and the establishment of the Microelectronics Innovation Centre (μIC) in Athens, which acts as a hub for all innovation actors.


Part of the National Reform Program 2008-2010

The National Innovation policy, incorporating the main principles of the Lisbon Strategy for «More research, development and innovation», introduced the Microelectronics thematic area, the cluster policy and Corallia  - as the entity responsible for promoting the national clustering policy - within the programs "National Reform Program for Growth and Jobs 2005-2008" and "National Reform Program 2008-2010".


European Excellence Award and the National ERMIS Award for communication program

Corallia's Communication & Public Relations program was awarded in the European Excellence Awards 2007, among other important participants from Europe.


Distinction in the category Innovation at the Tech Excellence Awards 2007

Corallia was awarded in the category "Innovation" at the "Tech Excellence Awards 2007" organised by PC Magazine.

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