Policy Learning in South East Europe towards smarter cluster policies

Athens, 23.05.2014: With the aim to support and strengthen regional capacity for developing effective cluster policies in specific thematic priority areas (Innovation, Sustainability, Internationalisation, Cluster Financing, New skills and Jobs creation), Corallia Clusters Initiative coordinates since January 2014 and for a 6 months period the implementation of six pilot actions that have been designed based on the identified regional strengths, needs and challenges of South East Europe.

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SEE Policy Experts qualified as Cluster Excellence Management Trainers

05.08.2013: In the framework of the South-East European Network of Excellence for Cluster Organisations - SEENECO project, 12 high-level policy experts from Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Serbia, completed the first at European level “Train-the-Trainers” programme which aimed to train in a professional manner “Cluster Excellence Management Trainers” that will thereafter be able to effectively transfer their knowledge to cluster managers with the goal to achieve high levels of excellence of cluster management. This training utilizes the respective material that has been developed specifically for that purpose within the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI) and is facilitated by the European Foundation for Cluster Excellence.

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