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Corallia participates in the new European Cluster strategy for Growth

20141021 101927Brussels, 23.10.2014: Corallia was invited at the European Cluster Conference 2014 addressing the role of clusters in support of SME growth, industrial renewal and regional structural change and competitiveness. The conference was held in Brussels (20-21 October) aiming to discuss latest trends and challenges for modern cluster policies and to identify priority areas for a new European Cluster Strategy for Growth.

Capitalising on its experience on the application of the cluster model, Corallia paraticipated in the break-out session on the strategic partnerships and excellence of cluster organisations. The conference gathered over 300 stakeholders consiting of key policy-makers from the European, national and regional authorities, practitioners and high-level speakers from academia and idustry.

According to Mrs. Joanna Drake, Director for SMEs & Entrepreneurship, DG ENTR, the closely related SBA [Small Business Act for Europe] and the new European Cluster Strategy for Growth both focus on stimulating competitiveness and growth across Europe's regions and industry, and notably in SMEs which are the key providers of new jobs in the EU. The principal areas to be covered in the new European Cluster Strategy for Growth are the following: support of industrial transformation, facilitation of emerging industries and new value chains, development of the SMEs' competitiveness, acceleration of regional smart specialisation and SME internationalisation as well as promotion of cluster excellence.



Corallia's activities are financed by the private sector, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and National funds under the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF), the Operational Programme Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship, the Regional Operational Programmes, the Hellenic Public Investments Programme, the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme and donations from the private sector, foundations and other benefactors.


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