The new Ambassador of Israel to Greece visits Corallia

IritBenAbbaMaroussi, 23.10.2014: The new Ambassador of Israel to Greece, Ms. Irit Ben-Abba visited Corallia yesterdayCorallia's Executive Team welcomed the Israeli Ambassador, Ms. Irit Ben-Abba, who was accompanied by Mrs. Nelly Leon, Economic Coordinator at the Embassy of Israel.

The delegation was particulary informed on current activity fields by Prof. Vassilios Makios, General Director of Corallia and discussed the cooperation schemes developed in the frame of the three highly-specialised clusters coordinated by Corallia, namely, the gi-Cluster (Innovative Gaming Technologies and Creative Content), the mi-Cluster (Nano/Microelectronics-based Systems and Applications) and the the si-cluster (Space Technologies and Applications). Emphasis was also given to the youth entrepreneurship acceleration programme and the international collaborations established. Following a fruitful dialogue on a common platform of cooperation, further extending the close ties developed through existing entrepreneurial and cluster activities, the Israeli delegation was guided through the headquarters, the incubation area and other facilities of the α2-innohub.

After the visit, Ms. Irit Ben-Abba stated: "Preparing myself for the mission of Ambassador of Israel to the Hellenic Republic, to which I have arrived 2 months ago, I realized that I will have to devote time to understanding the innovation scene in Greece since this is becoming a very important vehicle in overcoming the economic crisis that Greece has experienced in the last years. Being the Deputy Director General for Economic Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Israel in the last 7 years, I was involved among other things in promoting Israel a start- up nation and therefore got to know the innovation scene in Israel quite closely. 

My visit to Corallia yesterday was a very important part in my trying to better understand the innovation scene in Greece and the potential areas for cooperation with Israel. 

I spent two extremely exciting hours in Corallia being briefed by Prof. Vassllios Makios on the modus operandi of the cluster, I found it to be a top of the art initiative, very professionally operated with great technological ideas being developed and very similar operational model to what I know back home. 

We discussed the investment of 2 major Israeli VCs in local companies, cooperation between companies in the space cluster with one of the major Israeli industries, and we agreed on a work plan which will see students from Greece visiting entrepreneurial centers in Israeli Universities, Israeli enterprenuers coming to Corallia to share their experience with their Greek counterparts and matching between Israeli companies and local ones in order to promote business interactions. 

Corallia is a wonderful example of how to promote Greek technological ideas in the world."

Corallia's activities are financed by the private sector, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and National funds under the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF), the Operational Programme Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship, the Regional Operational Programmes, the Hellenic Public Investments Programme, the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme and donations from the private sector, foundations and other benefactors.


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