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  • Clusters


    As the first organisation established in Greece for the structured and systematic management and development of innovation clusters, Corallia works in the field of cohesive and productive innovative ecosystems within which actors operate in a coordinated manner, in specific sectors and regions of the country, and where a competitive advantage and export orientation exists.

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  • InnoHubs


    Αs key-reference points on the innovation map, InnoHubs are located in strategic positions in Athens and other regions in Greece and οffer their services within the context of industry-driven clusters, promoting hyper-concentration of industrial members of clusters in thematic areas, accommodate firms and organisations, which enjoy the benefits of geographical concentration and co-location and achieve economies of scale, combine networking solutions in one area, thereafter strengthening cooperation and developing synergies, function as a pillar supporting innovation designed in Greece, supporting international market exposure and feature a portfolio of integrated services.

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  • Youth Entrepreneurship

    Youth Entrepreneurship

    In a strategic attempt to fuel the field of innovation with young entrepreneurs, Corallia implements a series of initiatives to stimulate and promote Youth Entrepreneurship, in cooperation with partners and supporters of high-profile in Greece and abroad.

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  • International Collaborations

    International Collaborations

    During the last decade, activities related to cluster development have experienced a strong growth in Europe and many clusters have been nurtured in a multitude of sectors; yet the challenge today has switched towards the enhancement of their competitiveness and sustainability. To remain competitive, access and deployment of advancements from international sources is necessary.

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  • Access to Finance

    Access to Finance

    In the period 2006-2008, the pilot cluster program implemented by Corallia within the Operational Programme Competitiveness (3rd Community Support Framework), yielded very positive results through the establishment and expansion of the mi-Cluster and the milestones achieved by its cluster members, such as the double-digit growth rates in turnover, employment, exports and patent applications.

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gi-Cluster sets off for Futur en Seine 2016 in Paris

Athens, May 12 2016. Under the common theme “re:think creativity”, the gi-Cluster mission will be the first ever Greek business delegation to attend “Futur en Seine” the largest international festival for Digital Innovation organized every year by Cap Digital. This year, from the 9th until the 12th of June, visitors at the Innovation Village, will have the opportunity to meet the creative minds behind the rising Greek industry, discover the dynamic performance of highly innovative cluster members and explore the steadily growing potential of this vigorous slice of Greece’s economy.

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The first Creative Space Applications Marathon in Greece! Sign up for ActInSpace until May 15th 2016!

Athens, 5th May 2016: On May 20-21 the a2-innohub in Athens and the π1-innohub in Patras simultaneously open their doors to welcome a creative marathon for students, young scientists, engineers, programmers, young professionals and creative people, who will compete in groups to solve some of the 54 challenges of the ActInSpace Hackathon with the guidance of experts and prominent mentors, using space data and technologies, to create in 24 hours a novel project with a realistic solution to respond to these challenges.

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  • ActInSpace: a contest around science, space and technology transfer

    ActInSpace: a contest around science, space and technology transfer

    Athens, February 23rd 2016: The si-Cluster organises the Space Innovation Contest "ActInSpace" in Athens and Patras simultaneously, on 20-21 May 2016. ActInSpace brings together entrepreneurs, students, job seekers, developers, creative users over a weekend. The goal is to form teams and resolve one of the challenges proposed by the organizers. The challenges consist in finding every day uses for space developped technologies or space acquired data.

  • Apply now for the 4th cycle of egg - enter•grow•go

    Apply now for the 4th cycle of egg - enter•grow•go

    Athens, February 19th 2016: Do you have an innovative idea that you believe can be turned into a successful business? Bring it to egg! We have the means to help you get it off the ground.

  • Space training sessions for secondary schools and young scientists and professionals

    Space training sessions for secondary schools and young scientists and professionals

    In light of the international Space Week and to celebrate Greece’s 10th anniversary of becoming a full ESA member, the si-Cluster, coordinated by Corallia and the Hellenic Association of Space Industry, and the Harokopio University, with the support of the European Space Agency and Terra Spatium are organising fascinating Space training sessions for secondary schools and young scientists and professionals.

  • gi-Cluster participates at E3 EXPO 2015!

    gi-Cluster participates at E3 EXPO 2015!

    Maroussi, 05.05.2015: The Greek Gaming and Creative Technologies & Applications Cluster (gi-Cluster) has granted its presence at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 EXPO 2015) in Los Angeles, marking the first ever mission abroad of the Greek creative industries ecosystem, as part of the internationalization strategy designed to meet the needs of the upcoming creative industries. gi-Cluster will be located at the South Hall, booth #2459.

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